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KAYC Management uses a collaborative team approach  to assess each individual's unique needs. We will prepare a viable service plan of care that speaks to the needs of the client,  evaluate the progress, review the options and services needed. KAYC Managers are efficient in coordinating healthcare services for clients with chronic or acute conditions.  KAYC Managers are experienced in locating resources, sensitive to family dynamics and instrumental in overcoming barriers that prevent positive outcomes.  



Did you know ?


  1. Automobile accidents are the second leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

  2. Brain injury in children may lead to alcohol and substance abuse later in life

  3. Opiod addiction is a typical unintended consequence of TBI treatment. 


Injuries to the brain may significantly alter the course of a person's life and effect everyone close to them. Everyday life tasks may become confusing and stressful. 


Each person's brain injury is unique based on the areas of brain affected. We help clients and their families understand the nature of their specific injuries and the consequences.  


Some affects of the brain injury may not manifest themselves for months or even years after the actual trauma.  Our KAYC managers research each  unique diagnosis to prepare a life service plan that will guide and support you through the various stages of recovery. 


You can overcome obstacles that prevent a happy and healthy lifestyle through KAYC Management.  Our team will help you navigate your condition  and help you live your life as independently possible. 


We will walk with you through the various stages of recovery.....

Our Peace of Mind Pledge


KAYC Managers you can trust to:

  • Work in conjunction with each client to ensure all their needs are met

  • Offer physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive support

  • Be a liaison between the client, familiy, physicians, therapists and all other service providers

  • Schedule appointments and arrange transportation

  • Provide early education to manage expectations and prevent symptom development

  • Reinforce education

  • Facilitate necessary referrals to specialty care

  • Build a trusting relationship through empathy and patience

  • Attend appointments if requested

  • Take the lead to ensure that clear, consistent multi-directional  communication to all providers  is accomplished 

  • Create a client centered life treatment plan that promotes independence and quality of life

  • Help clients overcome obstacles that may prevent a happy and healthy lifestyle

  • Facilitate achievement of optimal results. 

Helping our clients live a happy and healthy lifestyle is our #1 Priority !

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Making Your World Brighter Through........


  • Motivation

  • Encouragement

  • Coping strategies

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Support groups

  • Family education

  • Counselling

  • Life enrichment

  • Social skills training

  • Quality of life services

  • And so much more.....

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Better Care Starts with You!